This is interesting, and you make some valid points. Critique can be really helpful and can help us grow as creatives. Personally, though, I don't value feedback as much when it's coming from armchair critics who aren't out there doing creative work themselves.

I'm curious what platform Rachel is standing on. Is she a poet herself? A writer? Even if she is, I feel like her negativity and judgment could cause creatives to feel more self-doubting and blocked than many of us already are -- that's not what we need. There's definitely a place for constructive feedback that's designed to help us be better, but it doesn't seem like that's what she's doing.

Rachel's entitled to her opinions, obviously. I just don't care for critics who tear down writers and other creative people but aren't actually putting any work of their own out into the world. Just my two cents.



All opinions are my own.

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