This is a hilarious statement coming from someone who is doing all of those things. There are so many problems with this article I don't even know where to start. For one, if you're trying to do good, diligent, well-researched journalism, using Musk's own tweets and posts from other people on Twitter as "proof" that these journalists "doxxed" him or his family without fact checking or critically analyzing these claims is not a good place to start. None of the tweets you shared offer proof that the journalists actually shared his real-time location.

Injecting so many baseless opinions (e.g. the idea that this was a "media hit job") without backing them up also does not help your case. You ought to contact these journalists you reported on and ask them to comment on the points you've made in this story. It's a basic principle of fair reporting that if you're going to make accusations of people (or repeat other people's accusations), you give them a chance to speak about it. And the fact that Musk hasn't banned you is hardly evidence of anything. You may be a blogger who writes about him, but since you give him such favorable coverage, I can't see why he would ban you.

The straw man arguments about how critics must think it's "fine if Elon and his family get attacked and harmed" because "he's this evil billionaire and deserves to be hurt" are also getting old. Musk's critics aren't saying or thinking this, and it's in bad faith to suggest that they are. It's just that there was no evidence at all that any of the journalists suspended actually engaged in doxxing or did anything whatsoever that endangered his family. Musk simply saying these things happened is not evidence. There are far too many people who take him at his word and believe him unquestioningly without stopping to consider whether he might have a vested interest in promoting a narrative that riles up his followers while giving him cover to silence people who criticize him (and it's well documented that he has a long history of retaliating against people who say things he doesn't like).



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