Oh. Oops. I missed the part where she said that. And I misread her opening paragraph as saying she was single.

Her being married makes this article more interesting, though. What kind of guy is Nathan? Is he a "bad boy"? What's their relationship like? I'm genuinely curious because I don't hear a lot of married people out there telling women to go date bad boys.

Anyway, admittedly, I'm projecting, because I never did have good experiences dating bad boys. They're "dangerous heartbreakers" for a reason; that isn't something to romanticize. Those guys can be real jerks, and I'm tired of the narrative that those men are who we women should try to date. For me, following that advice only led to misery and heartache. I did not find the loving, safe relationship I deeply craved until I gave a nice guy a chance -- and my nice guy is really not like what Isvari describes.

So, she's entitled to her opinions, but my experience has obviously been very different from hers. Not all nice guys are Michaels; some are actual, legit, kind human beings. I still stand by most of what I said, although I'm sorry for doling out unsolicited relationship advice to a married person.



All opinions are my own.

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