As a former massage therapist myself, I find myself feeling uneasy with this story. I also have had many clients share personal things with me while on my table, but I think we have to be so careful about sharing those stories with others, whether or not we mention their names and whether or not other people know who we are talking about.

It's funny you mention feeling like a priest hearing people's confessions. I did my first confession as a first-grade kid (back in my Catholic days), and I remember the priest repeated something I had said in my confession during mass the following Sunday. Everyone else in the audience thought it was funny and laughed. I was mortified and couldn't believe he shared what I had told him privately. Nobody knew he was talking about me. He didn't use my name. But it didn't matter. It didn't stop me from feeling violated and like I didn't want to confide in him ever again.

If any of these people whose stories you told were to come across this, maybe it wouldn't bother them, but then again, maybe they'd feel really hurt that you shared their stories after they confided in you. Just something to think about.


All opinions are my own.

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