6 years is great! I admire that you've kept it up for so long and you've made it work for you. My experience is that it's harder, but not impossible, to get iron from plant sources. If you eat lots of iron-rich veggies, you could still possibly get a decent amount of iron. Everyone's body is different.

Me, I had issues with heavy period bleeding for a while that worsened my iron deficiency. So it probably wasn't only vegetarianism that caused me problems, to be fair. But it was one reason why I did go back to eating meat.

My big issue with the vegetarian/vegan movement is the shaming and the extreme attitudes that people can sometimes adopt. There truly are so many ways to take care of the planet, and eating less meat is just one of them! I try to do that in other ways, like recycling (I love secondhand clothes, too).

Thanks for another lovely, thoughtful comment!



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